Support ꜩ and FA tokens.

TezOrus is an accessible and easy-to-use desktop wallet for your ꜩ and tokens.

FA tokens support

Finally a Tezos wallet to support FA tokens in one single wallet.

Light and simple

TezOrus synchronizes with referenced FA token contracts to make life easier for you.

Data Security

Your wallet is fully secured using a passphrase and can be regenerated from the wallet seeds at generation.
Remember to always backup your private keys to prevent any loss of your assets.

More information

Visit our website.

Release notes

Our Beta release is available.
Tezorus Version 0.1.21:

  • Create and manage your own Tezos addresses (you own your private keys)
  • See your balances and previous transfers
  • Transfer XTZ
  • Transfer Tezos FA1.2 tokens
  • Compatibility with additional features of Tezos smart contract (burn, sale, …)
  • Subscribe to Tezorus program to get private advantages from Tezorus partners


You might have a security warning on Windows installation. You will need to trust and accept installation.
This will be solved in the near future.

Download Tezorus